The Last Extinction

In the last extinction, which many scientists believe was caused by a gigantic meteorite, two similar mollusks existed, the ammonite and the nautilus. Ammonites died off. Why? Apparently, they had survived for millions of years. They didn’t do anything wrong. For all intents and purposes, it looked like they were doing everything right. Ammonites had evolved to exist in perfect harmony with the conditions of the environment. It was part of an ecosystem millennia old. So, why the extinction of one and not the other? What scientists speculate is the two species had very different methods for reproduction. The nautilus process took place in the depths. Quite opposite of the ammonite process. The ammonite eggs would float to the surface to be carried by the current. After the cataclysmic event, the surface of the waters was in turmoil, the theory goes; there was extreme heat and a large volume of dust and debris. Eggs were vulnerable.

There is probably nothing wrong with what you are doing today to survive. But consider that some of what you do may be vulnerable in an environment of great change. Is your perception of the changing ecosystem correct? Are your thoughts and beliefs aligned with the changes we are experiencing? The more aligned you are with your current reality; the easier it is to create the life you want. Although it may have served you well for decades, consider that what you believe and think may actually lead to your demise. Not physical death but the precarious position of becoming obsolete in your current role or underutilized even more as automation, artificial intelligence, and information become ubiquitous. The current job and societal ecosystems that exist may appear to change almost overnight. It won’t be caused by the impact of a meteorite but by the demands of consumers and the industries intent on innovating into greater profits. We are riding the wave of technology with no thought as to where it will lead. The roads created in the past will be highways for algorithms and robots as we become fleshy passengers. What remains after this cataclysmic change will not be whole species that disappear but one species, the human race as it exists today. You have the opportunity to be the nautilus in this story.