Save the Turtles

There are two large ponds in the green space behind where I live. One of them was drained over the weekend. As I was on my morning walk, there was a small turtle on the path heading toward a busy construction site with no water in sight. I picked it up and walked to the other pond which always has water. During the walk the turtle kept his head and legs pulled into his shell. Do turtles mumble? What do their voices sound like? I thought I heard mumbling or grumbling. Maybe it was just me. Maybe not. Maybe when turtles are picked up by well-meaning humans they’ve been warned by their turtle tribe about relatives captured in terrariums. It was obvious I had done the right thing when I walked up over the berm which surrounds the pond. As soon as I was at the top of the berm and could smell the water and feel its coolness, the turtle’s little head and legs poked out and it was as if he was running in mid-air. He knew he was home. He knew what his environment smelled like. He knew what he needed. As soon as I set him down, he rushed into the water and disappeared under the surface. I could only see bubbles to determine which direction he was heading.

You also know what you need. You know what environment would best suit your needs and desires. You just need a coach to help you get to the top of the berm. Let’s begin that walk toward your best, most supportive place to be. Where you can thrive.