This book is less about creating positive memories and more about becoming a mental meteorologist. It is the clouds of memories in the sky of our mind which control our mental weather patterns and ultimately how we navigate our daily lives. It is also about reclaiming and harnessing the energy wasted on dysfunctional relationships trapped by memories of failure, confusion, shame, and blame.

The memories significant and in need of reshaping are those which define you in ways which are limiting and keep you on the same track or path which makes you believe your life can’t change. Remember, memories are less an exact recording of a moment in time and more a cloud containing wisps of images and feelings experienced long ago. It is what is captured after your active imagination files the “recording” away.

Reshaping memories is about:

  • Unlocking the possibilities which up until now have had boundaries and limitations set by those controlling memories.
  • Injecting wisdom and clarity into your past.
  • Giving you back the power to choose your path.

George is happy to be a caterpillar, traveling across stems and branches, munching on leaves to his heart’s content. Luckily for George, while in his chrysalis, a wise praying mantis helps George realize he is destined to be a butterfly, the most beautiful creature in the world.

Yes, this is a children’s book, but it also can play a very significant role when journeying through transition to transform into your future self. The journey that George took from caterpillar to chrysalis and finally into a butterfly speaks to the human transformation process. The book can be a potent reminder of where you may be in this moment and what you have to look forwarded to if you can trust the process and those guides you meet on the branches along the way.

This is a children’s book, but it is also a wonderful guidebook and reference for coming to understand the road blocks, distractions, and necessary actions to transform.

The original story of George was written over 30 years ago and stolen. Before smartphones and GPS, Max innocently met with an artist to discuss illustrating the book. He was so excited to get the book completed as quickly as possible that he gave his handwritten copy of the book to the artist. She disappeared off the face of the earth and he would check periodically in bookstores and then online when the internet came into existence to see if she had published his book. Max had to climb into a chrysalis many times before he finally found his wings and had the realization that he could rewrite the story which is what is in print today.