Fearless Coaching

I practice what I call Fearless Coaching. To do that, I hold fast to these 5 commitments below:

My intent is to make a difference in the lives of my clients. I want to lead others out of the state of wanting and into the state of creating. I believe my coaching can improve a client’s condition. I coach my clients to exist in the ocean of limitless possibilities.

My job when I’m with a client is to be present, not perfect. I don’t want to provide information for my clients so they gain more knowledge but to create a platform and space where they can have deep insights.

My focus is on the future self of my clients. When a client answers the questions that arise during challenging conversations, meaningless problems, limiting beliefs, and useless habits are shed as an old cocoon.

My desire is to serve people powerfully. I don’t want to give people what they want. I want to give people what they don’t even know they need. I intend to walk with people down that path where they will meet their most evolved self.

My goal as a coach is to glimpse the genius in my client. The hard work of coaching is uncovering that genius for the client. When that genius is uncovered, the client becomes limitless.