Fee Structure

I have seen very few people benefit from coaching without making a commitment. Yet, I also know how difficult it is to learn about new recipes and foods without first having a taste, and so I have structured my pricing with an initial introductory session. My assumption is that you are in a transition state and that no more than 3 months will be sufficient. I am not looking to create coaching clients with no clear end in sight. If, on the off chance you feel you need more sessions beyond 3 months, we can create a customized plan. All I ask is that you are honest with yourself about your level of commitment.

Introductory Session – 1 Hour – FREE

This session is to review your current state and discuss your commitment to being coached. I will also give you a snapshot of my process. Please note that my sessions are structured around each unique individual and so are extremely intuitive.

$1,000 – 6 sessions (sessions twice each month for 3 months)