10 Secrets from Ancient Egypt to Hack Your Life

Let me start by saying no one, not me or anyone else, has the answers you need to reach your dreams. The answers you seek to discover how to speed up the journey to your dreams are within you. Then why work with a coach? For the very same reason that the best athletes have coaches. The mind and willpower often work at odds to what you desire. The best athletes and top business executives hire coaches to transform from what they are now into their future self; the person they must be to achieve the things they want to achieve and live the life they desire.

So, I lied. This one-page document is not about the 10 Secrets from Ancient Egypt to Hack Your Life. I’ve never been to Egypt. I believe we rely too much on hacking. In fact, I really do believe you need to stop trying to hack your life. Your being is more important than your doing. Not that you won’t be doing things to get what you desire. But most people get it wrong. They start doing and then realize they need to be someone different to exist and thrive in their dream life. The Now You is the you that got you to this point where you are reading this. The Now You brought you to this life you are living that you wish was different. The Now You has to BE fundamentally different to be somewhere different. That’s the secret that maybe even the ancient Egyptians knew. If they did, they sure spent a lot of time doing pyramids.