Fearless Coaching With Max

I help individuals through transition to discover what’s next in alignment with their dreams.

Meet Your Transition Life Coach

My name is Randy, but please call me Max – all my friends do.

As your transition life coach, I’ll be your guide on the ultimate mission: to discover your next best move. My life coaching focus is to assist you with your own personal process, helping you to leave your current status quo existence behind.

Together, we’ll learn to look past the blind spots that have kept you from levelling up. I’ve already worked with countless clients to craft safe-to-fail experiments, all with the aim of finding the best route forward.

If this message resonates with you and you feel you are currently in a transitional state, I’m here to help. Through transition coaching, I’ll lead you to uncover the wisdom you need: your own innate wisdom, not mine or anyone else’s.

Unlock the Benefits of Transition-Focused Life Coaching


As a life coach, I’m dedicated to helping you live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Whether you’re facing a major life transition, struggling with personal challenges, or seeking to grow and achieve your goals, my services can help you get there.

Through personalized coaching sessions, we’ll work together to identify your values and strengths, set achievable goals, and develop a plan of action to help you reach your full potential.

With my support and guidance, you’ll…

✓ Gain the clarity on your situation and how you got here

✓ Increase confidence as you approach the next stage of your life

✓ Uncover the skills you need to overcome obstacles

✓ Embrace new opportunities and live the life you truly desire

✓ Feel empowered to tap into your inner wisdom and strengths

Let’s work together to make your dream life a reality.

My Journey As a Transition Life Coach

I was a member of a spiritual community in Austin, Texas many years ago. I was in transition because of overwhelming stress at home and at work. I sought help with counseling and also reading as many books as possible on the dark night of the soul and how to connect with purpose and clarity. At some point, I realized that I had an urge to help other men who were in transition as I was. I knew that I would get as much out of coaching others as they would. I knew I had something to offer.

That’s how it began with me meeting with men and holding a sacred space to allow what needed to be said at the table one-on-one. My approach was one of intuition and also of not being afraid to ask deeper questions to find out what was truly at the heart of the matter.

The focus was not on getting through the discomfort but on finding the answers buried in the discomfort. I merely allowed the men being coached to explore possibilities. I provided a compassionate voice and deeply listened to what was being said and queried what might be behind what was said. I saw my job as providing a gentle but firm voice to point out blind spots and confirmation biases. My focus was not on building a long-term client base but on providing the feedback needed for men to find their own answers to break free from the mental constraints however illusory or limiting. The focus was always on what’s next because there always is a NEXT when coming out of a transition.

It can seem like that may not be the case when in the transition troubled by confusion and distracted by the sky falling in a normally uneventful life. But there is. There is always a NEXT. As your life coach, I look forward to helping you discover what is next in your life.

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